SAS Mission is to deliver a logistical and legal platform to foreign pharmaceutical & Trading companies, providing them with a legal and infrastructure base to conduct business in India and worldwide.

SASnow operates as an importer, Exporter and wholesale distributor of high quality pharmaceutical products. It offers its clients a full spectrum of services including customs bonded warehouses and specialized storage facilities for pharmaceuticals, customs brokerage, logistics and delivery of medical supplies across the World.

SAS provides a common, shared logistical platform for worldwide producers/Traders, while also ensuring the legal basis for carrying out business in India and worldwide. It is an independent enterprise, with interests and activities that do not depend on government bodies.
As an Indian legal entity, the company is capable of carrying out all types of business operations, including participation in bids and tenders for the supply of pharmaceutical products under government contracts. SAS can smoothly cooperate with its Indian partners, taking into account all the peculiarities of market relations in India.
The company built a state-of-the-art warehouse and later extended its storage facilities to meet the specific logistical requirements of pharmaceutical companies.
Today, SAS operates as a 3PL provider delivering a full range of services to its customers, including customs clearance, declarations of quality conformity, bonded storage and pharmaceutical warehousing and acts as an importer and wholesale distributor for manufacturers of high quality pharmaceutical products.
Given its vast experience, the company has become a crucial link in the pharmaceutical products supply chain, connecting the Russian pharmaceutical market with Western manufacturers.

SASprovides the highest level of services and offers a personalized approach to its customers.

Custom Bounded Warehouse

In order to ensure and guarantee the quality of pharmaceutical products throughout the supply chain from the International producer to the final customer, SAS built its own customs bonded warehouse, which fully complied with international GDP standards and storage requirements for licensed pharmaceutical warehouses.
The customs bonded warehouse provides benefits to both Indian customers and foreign manufacturers in terms of optimizing the flow of goods, minimizing costs associated with VAT and customs duties, as well as mitigating credit risks. This is achieved through customs clearance of goods in the quantities required for expected sales.
The bonded warehouse can also be used to consolidate goods and optimize the costs of logistics abroad. It is especially important for manufacturers with geographically distributed production units and for local partners purchasing pharmaceutical products from different suppliers.

customs bonded warehouse operates in strict compliance with Indian customs laws.

SASis included as the registered company engaged in foreign trade.

SAS is a long time member of Export Promotion Council Introduction of the electronic declaration system has reduced Customs clearance times. The optimal movement of goods to and from the warehouse is ensured, which is crucial for maintaining inventories, required temperature conditions and the preservation of products.
Specialists performing customs clearance of goods have the skills and experience required to enable

SASto conduct customs-related operations quickly and efficiently, rendering maximum support to our partners.